Auto Character System 3 Preview / by Lukasz Pazera

This is something I have been waiting for a long, long time. Auto Character System 3 is a software development project that I have been planning for years and working on for more then 2 by now. It’s a new version of Auto Character Setup, my character rigging and animation toolset for MODO - a digital content creation application from Foundry.

I don’t know why but I always found it very hard to animate something in digital environment without having my own tools for that purpose, however small they would be. I used to develop Auto Character Setup for Newtek Lightwave, back in early 2000’s (there were 4 releases between 2000 and 2002 if I recall correctly). The development was triggered by the issues I had with using Lightwave for animating characters for my REF short film.

Likewise, when I started working on animation for my PhD thesis in 2011 I started developing tools for MODO, the application I chose for all the CG work in the project. As a result of this I released first version of Auto Character Setup for MODO in 2013, followed by second version in 2015.

Now I’m well into the development cycle of the 3rd version, far enough that I’m finally confident I can share a little bit of information about the project publicly. It’s a 3rd version but it’s an entirely new software really, it is being written from scratch. I’m putting all my experience into this work, both as a programmer and as an artist. I hope it will show.

You can watch preview of the product on a new website dedicated to ACS3:

There will be more content added to Development Blog section in coming weeks and months so if character animation is your thing - check back the website from time to time!

Mutog asset provided by Snapshot Games, rigged with Auto Character System 3.

Mutog asset provided by Snapshot Games, rigged with Auto Character System 3.