Dog of Zone XIV, Dog of Zone XV by Lukasz Pazera

Dog of Zone XIV

Dog of Zone XV

Dog of Zone XIV and XV are moving graphics (or animation loops) created as a by-product of my work on the Dog of Zone interactive projection.

Dog of Zone XIV was done as a proof of concept way back in 2011 when I initially approached the idea of doing an interactive projection based on prerendered animation loops. I reworked it recently using the rendering technique that I ended up using for the projection. I also added new sound that is part of sounds samples recorded for the projection as well. The animation itself is the same as it was in 2011 though.

Dog of Zone XV is edited directly from sequences and sounds that are part of the interactive projection and it is a much more recent effort (done last year).

Dog of Zone Interactive Projection - It's a wrap! by Lukasz Pazera

Dog of Zone interactive projection is wrapping up! It's been probably over a year worth of work spread over 7 years. It wil still take some time until the public release since this project is being developed as PhD thesis at Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland. But it should be out sometime in 2018.

Meanwhile, I made some updates to the website. Dogs of Zone still graphics series and Dog of Zone interactive projection are now separate galleries to reflect the fact that these are different developments of the same theme.

The interactive projection gallery has some new screenshots and also updated general technical information on the project. That's as much as I can share for now, enjoy!

A shot of the running projection from a point of view of the User.

The interactive projection presentation will be accompanied by a set of large scale prints. This is one of them.

Oakley's Vision Performance Lab by Lukasz Pazera

Oakley headquarters

Oakley headquarters

During my time as software engineer at Foundry (in R&D department) I was a technical lead on an experimental project for Oakley. Due to the nature of R&D work the results usually take years to go public or, what's probably more likely, they don't get released at all. So it's quite cool to see that just a few months after completing the project it can be viewed in public (although only in pilot mode at Oakley's headquarters in California).

Yazan Malkosh, former Head of Design at Foundry whom I was working on this job with, has visited Oakley's headquarters recently and wrote a review of what he saw on the stage. Read the full story on Pixel Fondue.

Postcard From The Zone VI by Lukasz Pazera

Postcard From The Zone VI

This one has been in the making for a long, long time. Too long, really. It started from an acrylic painting (120x100cm) that I had been working on in 2010 or so. I was neither happy with the painting nor had a clear idea on how to finish it so I took it the digital route. But I was dragged into other things before I finished it and so it was just left there.

I picked it up recently just to close books on it. For the better or for worse ;).

The original painting is below:

Postcard From The Zone VI, original painting
acrylics on canvas, 120x100cm, 2010 (?)

A few drawings by Lukasz Pazera

A few years ago I was tinkering with some kind of a short sequence/story featuring a wolf and a typical, polish landscape. I never made it but I found these drawings when digging through my archives.

These are done with a fine point marker on chalk paper. There were no sketches or layouts, I went straight ahead with final rendering on a blank page, sort of alla prima way.